Start Date: January 2011
End Date: June 2011

Location: Carrer des Jondal, 45, Eivissa

Promoter: Eivissa City Council
Cost: €502,880.84

Catalog Number: R050, Eivissa City Council Historical Heritage Catalog The property is the former rural house of Can Tomeu Jaume, a clear example of Ibiza’s rural architecture, documented to exist at least since the first third of the 18th century. The house is part of the Municipal Historical Heritage Catalog. Our company has carried out a complete renovation of the old dwelling.

Its typology retains the characteristics of houses in the island’s rural areas, with various rooms organized around a large space (porch). It consists of only a ground floor, plus a small module on the first floor, which was the main bedroom. As is common in such constructions, the structure is made of load-bearing stone walls, finished with plaster and/or whitewashed with lime. The roofs are flat, supported by wooden beam floors and wooden board vaulting (tegell), except in the “porch,” which was replaced in a previous renovation by a unidirectional floor made of concrete beams and vaults, later replaced by a wooden one. On both sides of the house, there were courtyards, and the ones on the east side have been preserved, while on the opposite side, part of the walls has been covered with a floor, creating a separate porch-like area.

Originally, the house was organized in two L-shaped volumes, with the kitchen on the side. The current porch appears as a patio preceding the original volume. It was expanded with a longitudinal porch on the south facade and two new spaces to the west of the main body. Above the kitchen, an upper floor was added with a balcony facing south, internally divided into alcoves.