Start Date: May 2019
End Date: Ongoing (X)

Location: Carrer Santa Faz 3, Eivissa

Promoter: City Council of Eivissa
Cost: €128,500.00

The project by Marc Tur proposes a roof volume formed by wooden “ribs,” resembling a succession of wooden trusses parallel to the eastern party wall. The aim is to unify the walls of the existing ruin and restore the architectural value of the construction.

To achieve this, the trusses are elevated to create a viewing window, allowing visitors approaching from the upper part of the street to peek inside and get a first impression of the interior. Following the same concept, another observation point has been created with access from the stairway on the street by opening a gap in the existing wall. This has generated a small interior balcony-like viewing platform by folding the same wooden ribs.