Start Date: February 2021
End Date: April 2021

Location: Santa Eulalia del Río

Promoter: City Council of Santa Eulalia des Riu
Cost: €37,148.38

Sa Font is protected and listed in the inventory of heritage elements, with the number 150 within the hydraulic heritage.

Located in the Venta de Coloms, in the parish of Santa Eulària, two kilometers from the town towards Cala Llonga. It also gives its name to the neighborhood of houses right next to it. It is a very interesting traditional hydraulic engineering element, not only for the spring itself but

also for the set of elements related to it; these include a washhouse and stone channels, supported by a small aqueduct. The water that sprang from the spring went directly to the washhouse, and once filled, the excess was used to irrigate the surrounding gardens. If there was still surplus water, it flowed directly into the river of Santa Eulària.”

The works aimed to restore its splendor and remodel the public space of ‘Es broll’ and the surroundings of sa Font des Ierns. Our team removed inadequate materials from the old spring and renewed and improved the facilities in the area for public use. The project included the removal of invasive vegetation in the area. The intervention, promoted by the City Council, was archaeologically monitored, and the spring has been documented since the 14th century, although its origins could date back to the 10th century. This area is known for the celebrations of August 8th when the tradition of the ‘ballada pagesa’ is maintained.