Start Date: December 2014
End Date: June 2015

Location: Carrer Santa Llúcia, Eivissa

Promoter: City Council of Eivissa
Cost: €150,000

Every tourist who has ever entered the old town of Eivissa has visited the impressive views of the Ibiza coast from Baluarte de Santa Lucía, declared a historical-artistic monument and identified with the BIC Monument Nacional code BOE Nº37 06/02/1942 nºreg.7026-2-2-61-000028 BIC and Conjunt Històric-Artístic BIC Nº 53 03/03/1969 nºreg. 7026-2-2-53-002169 in the General Register of Cultural Interest Properties.

SA TORRE Construcciones y Mejoras, S.L. was in charge of the reconstruction of the north area, as well as the construction of the staircase and the modification of the surroundings. Subsequently, we carried out the landscaping to prevent rainwater from accumulating in the area, and we also planted vegetation and plants around the stairs.