One of the projects we are most proud of. This project increased the possibility of separation and recycling in the Ibiza Old Town, where many restaurants and shops showed an interest to participate in such type of green initiative.


ECO POINT provides an opportunity for the inhabitants of the Ibiza Old Town, as well as local businesses, to contribute to the separation and recycling activities. At this spot, there are situated color-coded trash bins, on the top of which is placed an intelligent sensor, that sends a signal, when each particular bin is fully filled. Afterwards, the sensor informs the company, which is in charge to empty collected content of the bin.

ECO POINT belongs to the Intherwaste program, which aims to launch projects that improve waste management in historic neighborhoods and, along with Eivissa, other European cities with important historic centers, such as Córdoba, Krakow, Porto and Tallinn, have participated in such type of initiative.

Project details

Beginning: November 2020
End: May 2021

Location: Carrer de la Santa Creu, 14, Eivissa

Promoter: Ibiza Town Hall

Project costs: 96,620,036 €