Project of the covering of the archaeological remains with a massive wooden roof. The preservation of the cultural heritage, which is situated on the Santa Faz Street in the Ibiza Old Town.


Marc Tur’s project proposes a roof cover formed by massive wooden “ribs” as a succession of wooden trusses parallel to the Eastern dividing wall, in such a way that the wooden “ribs” unify the walls of the existing ruin and preserve the architectural value of the cultural heritage.

The wooden pillars were positioned in order to create a window-viewpoint roof structure, so the visitor, who approaches the museum from the top of the street, can have a look inside and at the same time create the first impression of the interior space. 

Project details

Beginning: May 2019

End: In the process

Location: Carrer Santa Faz 3, Ibiza

Promoter: Ibiza Town Hall

Project costs: 128,500 €