Remodelling project of the public rest zone of ‘Es broll’ and the surroundings of the Fountain of Ierns. 


Restoration and remodeling process of the public natural relax zone of ‘Es broll’ and the surroundings of the Spring of Ierns. The project included cleaning and removal process of unsuitable elements from the water source, also elimination of existing invasive vegetation in this area. The intervention, financed by the City Council of Santa Eulalia del Río, needed to have an archaeological monitoring, as the fountain belongs to the local Heritage documented since the 14th century. Although, its origin could be dated in the 10th century. This zone is known for 8th August celebrations, where the tradition of performing an ‘Ibizan dance’ takes a place every year.

Project details

Beginning: February 2021

End: April 2021

Location: Santa Eulalia del Río

Promoter: Santa Eulalia Town Hall

Project costs: 44,949,55 €