Restoration project of the Tower of Ca N’Espatleta in the Santa Eulalia del Río town.


The restoration has been a rigorous conservation process of the original tower, restoring its fundamental architectural characteristics. The tower has two floors, moreover, a walkable roof historically used as a defensive platform, which preserves the entirety of the old parapet, a rare case in this type of construction. The walls are built with limestone masonry, paired with substantially horizontal courses. In parallel to the restoration of the Ca n’Espatleta tower, a historical-archaeological study has been carried out, in order to comply with current regulations regarding preservation process of the Heritage buildings.

Project details

Beginning: October 2019

End: December 2019

Location: Carrer de la Torre de Can Negre, 22, Santa Eulalia del Río

Promoter: Santa Eulalia del Río Town Hall

Project costs: 122,948,26 €