Rehabilitation project of the facade and interior spaces in the House of Equality in the centre of the Ibiza town.


The rehabilitation project of the Sa Colomina house of equality, dating from the 19th century, focused to recover of the original state of the building. Since the works have largely consisted of returning the house of equality to its original appearance, recovering specific details, also doors and windows, that have been bricked up. This building is intended for current uses of local government and it has been converted into a house completely adapted to the needs of a modern building, especially considering the energy efficiency and other aspects. This two floors house is used for social and educational purposes, specifically as an emergency house for all battered women.

Project details

Beginning: June 2018

End: February 2019

Location: Avinguda de la Pau, 3, Ibiza

Promoter: Ibiza Town Hall

Project costs: 509,080,96 €