Construction project of two family chalets in the Siesta area on the Santa Eulalia’s coast.


Construction project of two family houses from scratch. The project also included a construction of a large swimming pool overlooking the coast of Santa Eulalia del Río.

Both family houses offer living area on the two floors. Since both properties are located on the hill, they are featuring a sea view from all living rooms, thanks to massive windows. Moreover, we have implemented the energy efficiency plan within the construction of chalets in order to take into the consideration reasonable energy consumption throughout the year.

Project details

Beginning: October 2017

End: August 2021

Location: Santa Eulalia del Río
Siesta 1: C/ los Tulipanes
Siesta 2: C/ las Dalias

Promoter: Valdezan, S. L.

Project cost: 2.242.166,04 €